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4,000.00 LKR

2025 A/L Chemistry Theory ( Individual) / (Sinhala / English Medium) - March

( Local syllabus any lesson out of 14 units) in the syllabus


*Indivudual Classes  only 

# Targeted for students who need to acquire skills for answer full papers.

*Difficult lessons cover from any point of naming the units from 14 units in the syllabus  by student 

#Duration for each unit depend on the  students lesson following rate .

# Any pints of interest can be inquired from the teacher .

# During last three decades my experience and skills used to educate students who seek and request to sharp   their answering skills .

# Speed shortest methods to best marks for' A' grade.

# Trial class can be arranged .

#Class fees  Rs.4000/- per hour .

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Meet Your Instructor

Athula Karunathilaka

A/L Chemistry English Medium. Paper Class. Complete paper for Answering. Total review for the Answer. MCQ 50 discuss with complete review. structured Essay, Essay questions within given time frame. 100% best results assured within shortest period of time .Island Ranking status with highest score definitely assured. Start the preferred unit out of 14 units.