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4 months




4,000.00 LKR

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Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences-(New batch)


Basic Pharmaceutics

Pharmacy management 

Pharmaceutical law and ethics

Procedure of starting new pharmacy

Course Includes

esiphala support center number

Whatsapp number - 071 404 8225  /  071 144 6444  

Direct call Only -  071 460 4110

Meet Your Instructor

Sameera Liyanaarachchi

About our programs: Pharmacists course: This program targets the external pharmacists examination conducted by Ceylon Medical College Council(CMCC) which is aiming the registration as a qualified pharmacists in Sri Lanka Medical council.(SLMC). Pharmacy Assistant course has been created targeting the demanding job vacancies in the pharmaceutical industry in Sri Lanka and furthermore this helps in expanding qualifications of other health care team members locally and worldwide. Basic Requirements: Pharmacy Assistant Course: Minimum educational level up to O/L Pharmacists Course: Passed G.C.E Advanced level including minimum S pass for Chemistry or equivalent qualification recognised by Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) About Lecturer: A qualified lecturer with B.Sc graduated from Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura and registered pharmacist in Sri Lanka medical Council. Furthermore, currently working as A Senior Lecturer of Pharmacy, Resear


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