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3,000.00 LKR

Business Statistics - English Medium 2023 - A/L

The Business Statistics course will be covering the entire syllabus content and the tutor assures the highest results. understandable teaching patterns and exam-oriented questions will be provided in the class. 

Students are encouraged to participate every day in the classes.

Lakshan Nandasena (Tutor) 0773524235 

Support Center (Whatsapp Chat only):0711446444 / 0714048225

Support Center Direct Call 071 460 4110

Good Luck My Boys and Girls. 

Statistics is the most wanted tool in modern science. 

Meet Your Instructor

Lakshan Nandasena

Business Statistics is one of the prominent emerging subjects in the advanced level in Sri Lanka. Lakshan Nandasena, The tutor graduated from the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo and he possessed a Masters's degree in Applied Statistics at the University of Colombo. The business statistics syllabus contains business-oriented lessons and a logical approach to problem-solving. The tutor has unique methods of teaching and it is most suitable for online platforms. Lakshan Nandasena the tutor has 7 years of experience in teaching also the tutor is an industry expert. Lakshan has collaborated in a number of statistical data analysis projects in the country. His teaching methods are updated and modern examples will be applied during teaching. The course and sessions are results-oriented and students are highly motivated for their careers. in the future. Good Luck Wish you a brighter future.