Course Structure

2 Lesson
0 Quizzes


1 months




3,000.00 LKR

Pharmacist Course for Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) Registration

External Pharmacist’s Apprentice Course is established and conducting by Ceylon Medical College Council (CMCC), under the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.

This is a job oriented program and the main objective of the program is to prepare candidate for the External Pharmacist Examination and thereby forward for the SLMC Registration as a Registered Pharmacist, and provide competent candidates to Pharmaceutical Industry.

Pharmacist is a healthcare professional who specialize in the right way to discovery, development, use, store, preserve, and provide medicines.

During this program you have to complete a syllabus within two academic years, and that is mainly focused following subjects,

Anatomy (Structure of Human), Physiology (Function of Human), Pathology (Diseases of Human), Clinical Biochemistry (Diagnosis of diseases of Human), Pharmacology (Medicines for diseases), Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutical products & Manufacturing processes), Forensic Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical law).

Course Includes


▪️ GCE O/L - English or Equivalent examination

▪️ GCE A/L - Chemistry + Two passes or Degree in science stream SL / Abroad

Meet Your Instructor

Isuru Wijesinghe

Isuru Wijesinghe is reading his PhD at the Atlantic International University of USA and is a graduated from the Medical Faculty of University of Sri Jayewardenepura as a Bachelor of Pharmacy / BPharm (Special) Graduate. Isuru Wijesinghe is Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy & Pharmacology, is conduction a series of lectures for the candidates who are planning to sit above Examination. Isuru Wijesinghe, having more than 14 years’ experience in pharmaceutical industry related to the “Academics, Clinical Pharmacy Practices, Community Pharmacy Practices, Hospital Management, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Research and Development, Quality Control & Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals and Regulatory Field on Pharmaceuticals”. Isuru Wijesinghe, has worked in the of Leading Group of Companies in Sri Lanka as a Senior Manager in Private Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies. And he is currently working as a senior lecturer Pharmacy & Pharmacology in “Medical Faculties of PrimeAsia Universities, and Pharmacy Division of Institute of Medicine & Health Sciences”.