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18 Lesson
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6 months




5,000.00 LKR

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After A/L Students Undergraduates / Fresh Graduates IT Teachers

Basic knowledge in HTML/CSS

PHP – MySQL Web Development Program


"Using the experience of more than 12 years in the IT Industry, you will be given the guidance you need to enter the IT Industry through this course. The fundamentals are presented in a very simple way, with methods that can solve all the basic problems you encounter very simply."


Introduction to PHP

v  PHP Basics

v  Data Types

v  Flow Control (use of loops)

v  String Manipulation & regular expression

v  Use of Array (Indexed arrays, Associative arrays, Multidimensional arrays), Array sorting



v  Introductions to Functions

v  User Defined Functions

v  PHP Functions


HTML Form Processing

v  HTML Form Basics

v  GET Method

v  POST Method

v  Client Side form Validation (Using Javascript & Jquery)


File Manipulation

v  Directory Manipulation

v  File uploading Concepts / Multiple File Upload

v  Downloading file from server using header


State Management

v  Server Variables

v  Use of Sessions & Cookies

v  Application development using sessions and cookies


MySQL Database

v  Introduction to DBMS and Mysql

v  Use of MySQL Tools

v  Connecting PHP to MySQL

v  Working with MySQL PDO


Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

v  Introduction to OOP

v  Basics to OOP

v  Advanced OOP


Ajax and JQuery

v  Use of Ajax

v  Use of JQuery

v  Application Development with Ajax, JQuery


Advance PHP Techniques

v  QR Code Generation

v  PDF Generation

v  Excel or CSV Generation

v  Implementing Pagination


Exception Handling with PHP

v  Introduction to Error Handling

v  Introduction to Exception Handling


PHP Framework

v  Introduction to Laravel

v  Application Development with Laravel

 Two months Individual Project

    You should create a Web Based Application as your individual project


Supplementary Lessons

v How to use Linux

v How to use bootstrap


v  Installing and Using Wordpress

v  Web hosting

v How to use Cpanel

v Introduction to AWS server

v  How to do LAMP Configuration

v How to use developer tools

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Meet Your Instructor

Prabath Jayathilaka

A BSc and BIT dual degree holder, Mr. Prabhat Jayathilaka has over 12 years of experience as a computer engineer and freelancer. Worked as a computer engineer in Sri Lanka and Australia. Won the first place in the IT Championship held by the Ministry of Education in 2019. The website introduced as his latest concept for friendly exchanges has managed to reach the final rounds of the ICTA Spiralation (2021) and SLT entrepreneurship studio (2021) competitions introduced for entrepreneurs.