Course Structure

8 Lesson
0 Quizes


14 weeks




3,000.00 LKR

New class for beginners  ( External Pharmacy Exam )

Starting date –  26th June 2021

Saturday 7.30  am  to 11 am

Duration 10  – 12 months

Monthly payment = 3000/=

The examination is conducted by Ceylon Medical College Council (CMCC) . First, you must register with Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) as an “apprentice” and wait 2 years, to become eligible to apply for the Examination.

To get details about the qualifications required and the  examination, send a WhatsApp message as “Details” to 0777067939

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1.     You must register with Sri Lanka Medical Council + wait 02 years to qualify to sit for the exam ( visit also ). To get information about SLMC registration, send WhatsApp message “SLMC” to 0777067939

2.     Extra classes are conducted weekdays 8 pm to 9.30 pm (Free)

3.     If you missed a class, Lecture video is available for one month in ESIPHALA

4.     All books, tutes, PDF slides are also added ESIPHALA, download + get printouts.


5.     ESIPHALA support centre number - 0714048225 or  0711 446 444 (WhatsApp messages only)